Rafaël Rozendaal


Between 2013 and 2015, Rafaël Rozendaal formulated a series of haiku as non-physical artworks that jump from one medium to another. Written on his phone, they first appeared as tweets, then as posts on his blog and Instagram, and later as wall paintings in exhibition spaces and collectors’ homes. Published in conjunction with the exhibition “DOings&kNOTs” at Tallinn Art Hall, curated by Margit Säde, this offset edition reproduces Rozendaal’s wry and terse commentary on various aspects of our digital age and society, from full inboxes, oversaturation of information, and hyper-capitalist drive, to mundane routines, desires, and frustrations.

Rollo N°44

160 Pages

Offset Print

11 × 16 cm

First Edition

ISBN 978-3-906213-15-6

€ 15.00

Out of Print