Wesley Willis


Wesley Willis (Chicago, 1963 – 2003) began his artistic career singing on the street, accompanied by his Technics KN 2000 keyboard. He was soon playing opening slots for local bands, and later recording songs as an homage to these performances (i.e. “Urge Overkill”, “Swervedriver”, “Foo Fighters”, “The Frogs”). In 1989, Willis was diagnosed as schizophrenic; he explains that writing, performing, and recording help quiet the voices in his head. Rollo Press is preparing an extensive book about the work of Wesley, scheduled for release in 2017, maybe 2018. Trucks is co-published with Nieves.

Rollo N°50

16 Pages

Offset Print

19.5 × 25.5 cm

First Edition

ISBN 978-3-906213-18-7

€ 12.00